How To Make More Money From Coconuts

How To Make More Money From CoconutsPhoto Credit: Gervanio Guimaraes/Getty Images

Looking for ways to make more money from coconuts? One of the most common products of coconut is the coconut oil.

Do you know that during the process of making coconut oil, the shells are removed, the coconut meat itself is blended to extract the milk which is then processed to extract the oil?

The shells that were removed can be burnt to create coconut charcoal.

This charcoal works excellently for solving skin problems such as acne, dark spots and body detoxification.

You can package and sell as a beauty product.

The coconut flesh, when blended to get the milk is eventually sieved and most times thrown away.

Yet this chaff, when properly dried makes a very good face scrub.

Imagine selling a mixture of coconut chaff mixed with coconut oil as a face/body scrub or selling the dried chaff packaged pretty with instructions on how to use it without oils/ honey.

The coconut water which is the liquid you see when you break coconut can be added to black soap and it gives amazing results especially when treating acne prone skin.

The opportunities are endless and it all depends on how much you are willing to explore.

In subsequent posts, I will be sharing some recipes that will help you understand the various ways we can use coconuts for skincare.

Written by Debbie Ibiyemi