How To Make A Good First Impression (7 Helpful Guides)

How To Make A Good First Impression (7 Helpful Guides)

It has been agreed that it takes approximately 7 seconds to make a good first impression.

There are various scenarios when you want to create a good first impression.

It could be your students, your boss, your in-laws or that babe you have been eyeing for a very long time.

To me, it was with my students.

And I suppose I didn’t start off too well because I got there late.

Due to bad advice and iregbe friends (I hope they don’t see this post).

Anyway, I got there late, but I was trying to make up with a lot of smiles, laughter and a shocking amount of politeness.

I mean what’s not to smile about?

So here’s what I did, and I really think my students enjoyed my class because I certainly did!

Four Ways To Decide Who You Are Becoming

Exude confidence without being overconfident

I know what I’m doing and I know that I know what I’m doing.

But how do they know that I’m not air-headed?

I show them! Without being overtly proud or overconfident oh.

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You know that your appearance speaks volume right?

Dress very well but also remember to be comfortable in whatever you wear, ladies! it’s not compulsory to wear those evil, neck breaking shoes oh, you will now walk into your prospective employer’s office and be walking like somebody that they are pushing from behind!

Do you understand abi?

If you’ve got nerves to hide them well

As long as you are not superman, it’s okay to be nervous.

What is not okay is letting people see you are nervous.

I mean there are some evil people who would take joy in eating you alive and making you cry!

Appear capable

(Even if you are not, at least only you should know about it): see oh, you went to visit your mother in law and she says come and cook jollof rice.

You know in your mind that you can’t cook o but what will a babe do nah?

You bring out the vegetable oil, pepper, rice, tomatoes, Maggi, salt, chicken etc, while she’s watching, she’s confident you won’t add ogi(pap) to the rice, then if you are lucky she goes out to receive a phone call and before she comes back, as a sharp babe you have googled the recipe!

So you get the drift abi?

Be friendly without being creepy (adding aseju)

Some people can over-smile!

At times its very scary!!

My grandma calls them alaseju.

We know you want to be friends, you want to fit in, you want to be liked, be friendly without being pushy about it, when someone does something you don’t totally understand, don’t smile the big donkey toothy smile, you come off as fake oh.

Straighten Your Posture

Try not to hunch your shoulder.

If you are used to this, it might be a bit difficult to break free of the habit, but if you are reading this article, I take it to mean you want to make a good impression.

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Hunched shoulders do not get you that. standing straight sends across a signal that you are confident.

Lean in But not too Much

In a discussion, leaning in tells the other person you are very interested and engaged in your conversation.

However, try not to lean in too much.

There is no need for me to explain that bit abi?

Know your stuff

Know it or not people are always testing your knowledge! this affects your reputation which will ride on the first impression of you, I don’t see anything wrong in not knowing things.

What is wrong is being comfortable in that state.

You need to strive to constantly improve yourself in every facet of your life if you want to make a good impression among intellectuals or anybody for that matter, I honestly suggest you make your research.

Most importantly, be yourself.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

People that will like you will like you.

Pretending to be someone you are not in a bit to be like might work initially.

But I am not so sure you will be able to pull off the charade on the long run. Eshey gan ni!!!