How To Get More People To Buy From You

How To Get More People To Buy From YouPhoto Credit: Sam Onaivi Orisaremi

Looking for how to get more people to buy from you? Last week someone I look up to launch a product and run ads to get sales. I

saw the ad but I decided not to purchase the product for some reason that I don’t even know.

There was some buzz about the product online but my mind was made up.

When I first saw the ad, I clicked on it, read through the copy, copied a few ideas from it and closed it.

I know somebody is looking at me “one kin, one kin now”.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with copying except you are doing it word for word.

Somehow, I have grown resistance for ad copies.

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In the past, I would read an ad copy and begin to think that I must be foolish if I do not purchase that product or pay for that service but now, I read those copies with my head up-tight.

As I read, I am thinking, do I really need that?

Do I really really need that?

What is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t get that?

A few days later, another thought leader that I deeply respect did a promotion of the same product.

I saw it, read through it, and moved on. I was resolute.

Not like I had a thing against the product or its creator but I just wasn’t going to get it.

Sometimes, I am like that.

Then I started seeing the social proofs of people who had seen and used the product and how valuable it was, something in me shifted a bit but not for long.

Then this thought leader did something, I went on to mention names of those he thought should see the product and my name was among those he mentioned.

At that point, I decided to go for the product.

My cheese moved and I moved along with it.

Why Did I Suddenly Change My Mind?

In fact, my mind didn’t change suddenly and I have developed a resistance for sales letters instead from the very first contact I had with the sales copy or ad copy, a seed was sown; it was a desire to not just own that product but to become what the product promises to make you become.

It was a desire to possess the benefits that come with owning and using the product and the only way this desire can be born is through your ad copy (the offer).

Imagine you scrolling through your news feed on Facebook then this post pops up on your feed and you instantly stop to read it.

Something made you stop, something made you want to read the post. INTEREST.

Then you read the post and suddenly, you want to get that thing.

Maybe you read the post but somewhere along the line, you begin to doubt if that it promises is true.

Then you read through the comments, and begin to see real narratives from people who have used the product and found it helpful.

Then it boosts your confidence to want to own that product and suddenly, you don’t want to miss the offer.

That is the power of social proofs.

They increase your confidence in a service or product.

They do not necessarily give you confidence but they increase it and help you make buying decisions.

Social Proofs are very important TRIGGERS in the buyer decision-making process.

As important as they are, you must understand to use them in moderation because there is only a thin line between building confidence and building doubt.

Personally, I have seen sales letters with social proofs that instead of making me desire the product, it makes me wonder if buying that product is actually worth it.

Why Are Social Proofs So Effective?

Social proofs are effective marketing triggers because as humans, we rarely like to be alone or walk the lonely path. Often, we find it easier going the way others have taken.

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Recently I was going to get an internet modem, a wireless option. In my location, there are two very effective internet service providers, Spectranet and Smile aside the Telecoms providers.

When I was making my buying decision, I looked around for what most people were using and found that Smile was favored.

I didn’t need to ask too many questions before I went with that option.

Why do you think people include relevant awards they have won on their website, or why do Bestselling authors make sure to include “Bestseller” on their books? Because they want you to know that others have read it and found it interesting.

Finally, in BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS, social proofs are very important triggers.

Take advantage of them, use them and use them intelligently.

Written by Sam Onaivi Orisaremi