How To Deal With Emotions That Weigh You Down

How To Deal With Emotions That Weigh You Down

Want to learn how to deal with emotions that weigh you down? Life can be a rollercoaster sometimes and this rollercoaster affects people differently – some get sick in the process, others are thrilled at the end of it.

There is nary a generally positive human who doesn’t experience downtimes emotionally and this is perfectly normal.

It, however, becomes a challenge when these negative emotions dominate most of a person’s life – constantly drowned in energy zapping emotions.

This is where the word ‘depression’ comes into play and has also now morphed into the news of ‘suicide’.

It is even more alarming that young people are starting to catch on to this and it’s sad because they have their whole lives ahead of them yet they’re either not living in full force or not living at all.

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I daresay it is unavoidable that people and circumstances will put your resilience to the test.

Even if the turbulent times are sure to come, you can win if you train your mind to do so – remember this is an inner game.How To Deal With Emotions That Weigh You Down

Here are some ways on how to deal with emotions that weigh you down:

Stick with generally positive, happy people

Energy rubs off. I may meet someone and sense that their energy is pleasant or unpleasant – if it is, I want to hang around, if not, I pull back because bad energy will affect me if I stick around it.

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You need to feed on good energy or what we call ‘positive vibes’.

Now people in your circle will also sometimes have downtimes of their own but because you have actively engaged in sowing seeds of positivity into each other’s lives, in such times, you can draw out of what you’ve received.

The point really is that you need to ‘surround’ yourself with good energy.

Be mindful of your conversations

Make no mistake about this; if the conversations you are consistently engaging in – with yourself (self-talk), with others, on social media – and the information you take in through any means, is full of negativity, it will affect you.

Negative information seeps into our mind and forms negative memories unless we’re able to change our interpretation of the information.

Why go through that when you can simply filter the information you consume and the conversations you engage in?

Talking bad about someone else is also interestingly an invitation to negative emotions.

Spend time getting to know yourself

Cliché but I’ll explain.

You can guard against/deal negative emotions when you know the factors that trigger them – whether it’s a situation that pops up in the present or a memory that’s just looking for trouble.

So lack self-awareness at your own peril. Explained how this is relative as simply as I could.

Take a course/training that helps you understand your psyche (and that of others and your environment)

It helps to understand how life works, how you think and how other people think.

What drives you and what moves them.

Why you do things the way you do and why they exhibit a certain behavior.

You can pretty much apply some method here and another there but it’s not methods that set you free, it’s TRUTH.

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So seek life’s truth.

Because life is sweet! And you deserve to have the very best of it.

There are actually many ways to get around this – that’s what resources are out there for.

Get them, read/watch/listen to them.

Believe me, you have your whole life ahead of you and you also don’t – the paradox of life.

So for all it’s worth, live a life that’s joyful, that’s meaningful and fulfilling.

You will wrestle many times and remember that if you fight well, you can always win.

What do you think about this post on how to deal with emotions that weigh you down? Do share your experience with us in the comments section.

Written by Precious Udo