How To Conduct Yourself During An Interview

How To Conduct Yourself During An Interview

Here’s how to conduct yourself during an interview. You have written your CV and with it applied for a job.

You got chosen and contact to come for an interview.

If it is your first interview, you might be a bit shaken up.

Either first or not interviews are stressful.

Everything must be right – your preparation, dressing etc.

You have just few seconds to make an impression on the interviewer – make it count!

An interview could be structured or unstructured – you have to prepare for both.

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Prepare to answer questions.

There is a lot of marketing during an interview.

Acquire the skills to sell yourself to either your prospective employer or a recruitment consultant.

Below’s How To Conduct Yourself During An Interview

Be Punctual

Punctuality they say is the soul of business.

Arrive early at the interview venue because your assessment starts from there.

Be Prepared

The Boy’s Scouts’ motto says ‘Be Prepared.’

Before an interview, prepare yourself; run a check on the company that is about to interview you.

Check the company’s site, news alert, press release and so on.

It will be offensive if the interviewer asks you about the company and you have nothing to say.

Dress Professionally

I once attended an interview where the email says the dress code is business casual.

Unless the interview dress code is business casual, you are not supposed to appear in your jeans/chinos over jacket!

Be professional, dress neatly.

A suit, a tie and a clean shirt will do.

For ladies, a skirt or trouser suit is better than your party wear.

Grooming is vital for both sexes.

Turn Off Cell Phone

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Emmanuel Adebayor, Togo’s Striker was on a pre-match football TV talk show on BBC Sport studio.

He had his phone on and while the interview was going on, right on live TV a call came through to his phone with a loud ring.

He quickly went for the silent button.

It was a very funny moment that Alan Shearer couldn’t help it – he laughed out loud.

That incident made it to the number 8 spot of the 2010 World Cup’s Most Shocking Moments.

So never be caught that way.

Some interviewers might turn a blind eye but many takes it personal.

Put your phone off or at best on silent mode.

No chatting or pinging before the interview, these are distractions – you have the rest of the day to do that.

Be focused on the business of the day.

Ask Questions

Your research will give you questions you could ask the interviewer.

Avoid asking question about the salary though, let the interviewer ask that.

Speak The Truth

Buy the truth and sell it not says the Bible.

Truth is expected in an interview because a lie can knock you off.

Instead of lying stylishly avoid the question like a politician, but when the chips are down say the truth.

Calm Your Nerves

Do a little yoga before your interview.

Take a short break to the convenience and calm your nerve by stirring at yourself in the mirror.

Be relaxed, confident and fired up.

While you are being interviewed sit straight, do not lean on the desk, keep your feet in place, your fingers also (no fiddling with your buttons or hair).

Please know this that it is just an interview and not a police interrogation.

Do Not Break Character

In theater or acting, tutors instruct their students to stay in character.

What this means is that, whatever role you are acting, you have to be in that role even if you are no longer rehearsing or on stage so that it becomes part of you.

For you as a candidate, maintain your attitude till you leave the company’s premises.

Do not take off your jacket or tie immediately the interview is over.

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You can do that when you are totally out of the premises of the company.

If you are able to abide by these few points you will be just fine.

This leads us to the last point that I close with – Stay Positive!

It is only a positive attitude that will get you there.

Even if the interview did not go well, thank the interviewer then leave with your head raised high.