How To Choose A Name That Amplifies Your Brand

How To Choose A Name That Amplifies Your Brand

Your brand name is a key element that distinguishes you from your competitors and attracts more customers.

While naming your brand, leave no stones unturned.

Make sure it possesses all the characteristics in naming a brand.

That’s what I want to teach you in this post.

Or have you chosen a brand name already?

Then check if it fulfills these seven features to know if you’re on the right path of success

Don’t worry, I will be giving names of successful and innovative African brands to emphasize my points.

Distinct and Unique

Your brand has to stand out in your target market and be separate from your competitors.

Your name should be a feature only your brand carries.

Or rather where other brands copy from.

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Examples: Cregital, Dangote Group, Coscharis Group.

Note: Aliko Dangote was able to leverage his family name because it was already familiar with his initial market.

He chose “Dangote” rather than “Aliko” because of this strategy.

Easy to identify and memorize

I often advise people to look for short names because it is easier to identify and memorize.

But if this is not possible, you’re free to look for an acronym as an anchor point for your brand name.

Examples: Headstart Africa, MTN, Zenith Bank.

Gives an idea about the product qualities

Your brand name should give us an idea of the qualities of the product or service you are rendering.

Let your prospective audience know what you do in an instant.

Examples: Shoprite, SmartBcamp, Seplat Petroleum.

Ability to extend

Always envision what your brand is all about.

And where it is going.

Will it have a website? Is it only restricted to social media?

Can the name be extended to other platforms and build other sub-products?

Examples: Globacom, Payporte.

It should suggest product/service category

Your name can also suggest the category you are in.

This attracts customers who are not aware of your brand at the onset.

Examples: Channels TV, TriCad Graphics, EllaeCreative.

Indicator of concrete qualities

Your central belief system can also be embedded while choosing your name.

This builds trust and also fosters morale among your employees.

Examples: Access Bank, Future of Work agency, Guaranty Trust Bank.

It should be easily convertible or independent of other languages

Nigeria has so many languages.

That is why I also advise names are best in English.

But if you have a traditional name that does not depict connotations in other languages, this is great.

Examples: All the examples previously listed.

These are the characteristics while naming your brand.

So How can you achieve this?

It is simple.

Follow these easy but reflective steps.

Know your niche

Naming your brand should be centered around your target market and will boost awareness and sales when the name is easily relatable to the needs of your customer.

Generate multiple names

The first name might not be the perfect name for your brand.

Play around your name choices.

Keep switching until the name feels right.

Also, ask your circle of friends and close customers if the chosen name appeals to their interests.

Choose the name that maximizes your brand

You can have three to four good names.

But check the one that corresponds with your identity, story, core values, and your Unique selling point.

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Lastly, make sure the name was chosen checklists four or more features I listed at the beginning of this post.

And remember, ” A good name is to be chosen, rather than…..” It starts from here. Your brand name.

Note: The term Brand in this context refers to your personal brand, business, company or a project.

Q & A: How many of the listed features does your brand name cover?

Written by Zamai Banje


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