Going Easy on Alcoholic Drinks is a “Liver Saver”

Going Easy on Alcoholic Drinks is a “Liver Saver”

We are not sounding religious here, but believe it or not, alcohol in large quantities acts like poison and damage the body-especially the liver.

For moderate drinkers, there are two problems associated with alcoholic drinks.

Firstly, they have a lot of calories; and drinking too much can easily lead to being overweight.

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Secondly, they have very little or none of the nutrients and vitamins we need, so people who replace meals with alcohol drink will be missing out on a lot of important nutrients.

It is sad that the gods of alcohol has lured its many subjects to be addicted to alcohol at the detriment of their health.

The adverts cautions ‘drink responsibly’.

But in real sense, more than 80% of people who take alcohol do not comply with caution.