MARRIAGE ADVICE: Don’t marry a woman who doesn’t care if you save or invest your money

MARRIAGE ADVICE: Don’t marry a woman who doesn’t care if you save or invest your money

By Ilyas Akinbola

My dad is a man of wisdom! I learn from him every day; he’s my first and my best teacher.

You see most ladies of nowadays, they match the descriptions that my dad gave them.

He said,

“My son, if you keep spending on a woman, and she never asked if you’re saving or investing money, and she keeps enjoying the attention, don’t marry her”.

Puzzled, I asked:

“But dad, how is it really her concern if I do or do not save and invest my money? After all, she hasn’t become my wife yet; so, how does how I use my money concern her”?

“Wise up, young man!”, my dad called.

“She hasn’t become your wife yet, but you are planning to marry her. Is it until she becomes your wife before she can plan a good future with you, and for you”?

“And meanwhile Akin, who told you that a woman that doesn’t behave well in courtship will behave better when she becomes a wife”?

Hmm! My dad has a very valid point; I knew it.

A long while ago, one of my cousins came to me that he needed some money so urgently.

I asked what he wanted the money for, and he said:

“I promised to take my babe out this weekend, and I can’t meet up with the money I want to use. Meanwhile, I failed her last weekend that I first promised. And I don’t want to fail her again this time”.

That’s was how I pitifully gave my cousin the last 5k that I had and later soaked Garri without even sugar later that evening.

Not too long from that time, he came back to tell me that the lady told him she couldn’t continue with the relationship after he had engaged her.

He explained how bitter he was feeling; how he had spent so much money for Derayo, his fiancee.

“Derayo is wicked; she will not be fortunate! After I used my last savings to buy her proposal ring and she stretched forth that her scaly finger to have it; is it now the best time to tell me that one pastor told her that we are not compatible? The pastor ought to have told her before she took my iPhone and made me pay for her Brazilian hair. I bought her the tailoring machine she’s using. She didn’t even ask if I was doing fine with my volcanizing job or not. How I wish she can just…”

It’s enough, brother! This isn’t your fault.

You never heard it from an older man that marrying a wife who doesn’t ask if you save or invest is like frying your own scrotum.

A lot of young men of these days are like my cousin.

We tend to continue spending on women that don’t care if our business is going well or not.

And in most cases, we do this unknowingly!

This is not right at all!

We should know who is worth our money!

Not only a woman that doesn’t ask for anything but a woman that wants to see a man succeed deserves everything!

Dear ladies,

On behalf of other men, please stop taking our things if you know you’re not going to marry us; if you know you’re going to come to with a lie that your pastor or alfa forsee that we are not compatible.

Stop demanding from us if you know you will jam a soothsayer that will separate us “eventuarry”.

Do your findings from your so-called pastors or alfas before taking our money for “vanishing”!

Stop enjoying our attention if you’re not going to see us succeed.

Kindly cultivate the habit of making sure your man is saving or investing his money.

Thank you.