Do Not Allow Your Friends To Be Too Close To Your Husband

Do Not Allow Your Friends To Be Too Close To Your Husband

By Terfa Naswem

Some married women have found themselves in some terrible situations because of their ignorance or negligence.

That is why certain problems are hitting hard on them and tearing their marriage apart.

The moment a woman marries, there are certain friends that are not supposed to be very close to her again.

She can still keep them as friends but not very close friends, otherwise, they will destroy her marriage.

One of the greatest mistakes married women do is to trust their friends too much to the level of allowing them to be too close to their husbands.

The truth is that when a young woman marries a very nice or rich person or both, most of her unmarried young and old friends will be very jealous.

They may smile with her and claim they are happy for her, but deep in their hearts, they will be looking for diabolical ways to destroy the marriage.

At times married women allow their friends to visit their homes when they are not around but their husband.

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They even allow their friends to be very close to their husbands as if they are their sisters.

They allow their husbands to be carrying them in their cars to anywhere they want to go.

Some even allow them to go to their homes when they are very busy to cook for their husband.

These acts are extremely dangerous and can destroy your marriage to an irredeemable level especially if your husband is a nice person or rich or both.

When your friends are too close to your husband, many will begin to seduce your husband or he will begin to seduce them. If he starts having sexual affairs with one or more of them, you might lose your husband.

He might divorce you and marry your friend; he might not divorce you but marry her as his second wife or he might not divorce you nor marry them but will be having sexual affairs with them which will make you to lose him emotionally because he will not give you his 100 percent commitment and love with emotional presence like he used to do when the marriage was rosy.

When it comes to the issues of love, relationship, marriage and money, many friends will be ready to betray you and take your place in your man’s heart.

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Even the friends you trust very well should not be allowed to be too close to your husband.

Most of them might be tempted to do otherwise or will not be able to resist your husband sexual advancement especially if they are still single or having a dysfunctional marriage.

Be warned!!!