Copywriting is Not Magic! [A Must Read For Copywriters]

Copywriting is Not Magic! [A Must Read For Copywriters]

Let me tell you a quick story. If you understand this one story, you will never be broke again. I’m serious.

A Nigerian man tried to move to Europe through the Sahara desert.

And the sun was so hot sweat RAN down his body like he a bucket of water was emptied on him.

The ground was dry, and very hot. So hot he could feel the heat through his worn out sandals.

And to make matters worse, his water jar was empty, He was as thirsty as hell. His mouth was dry, he kept swallowing his spit but the thirst seemed to DOUBLE.

Then he met another traveller, and in the traveller’s hand was a small can of water.

One can of water.

‘’Can I have a sip of water?’’ the thirsty traveller asked.

‘’That will cost you $6’’ The other traveller said. ‘’for a Sip’’

The Nigerian man stared at him $6. That was over 2,000 naira! For a sip of water.

But the man was thirsty…and he had the money with him…so he ended up paying $18 for three sips.

…this is HOW to convince someone to buy ANYTHING.

First they MUST need it. And have a THIRST for it.

A good copywriter simply turns up that thirst, we don’t create it.

You can’t convince someone who doesn’t feel insecure about his bald hair to buy hair replenishing creams

You can’t sell rheumatism drugs to someone who doesn’t have rheumatism

No matter how good you are, if someone doesn’t need it you can’t make them want it.

This is very important if you must MASTER how to become a good copywriter, and become very good at persuading people to buy things…or do anything you want.

A Good copywriter doesn’t CONVINCE people to buy things. He just turns up the desire already in their head.

Written by Nnamani Czar Anikulapo Nonso‎to