The COMPLETE 8-Step guide to becoming a PROFITABLE EXPERT in your field and person of INFLUENCE in 2020

The COMPLETE 8-Step guide to becoming a PROFITABLE EXPERT in your field and person of INFLUENCE in 2020Photo Credit: CEO Today

Being an expert is not necessarily to mean when you have a big and well-equipped office, riding a big car or flying jet across the continent every month.

Those things are good, no doubt…

These things show an indication that you are making progress, that you are really doing great.

But the cold truth is, you can not just get from your sleep overnight and begin to ride big cars, have a big and well-equipped office or jetting across the continents.

It can’t happen that way.

There are processes to follow because success happens by you following some set of processes.

So also to become known in that your field, you have to follow the process that governs success in that field.

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It’s very expedient that you follow the process to lessen the way you will use your physical, mental and spiritual strength.

You see,

Some years ago, when I was working as a manager, managing one of the best hostels for former Osun state governor’s wife this was after I left my first job as a nursery school teacher earning N12,000 per month…

I was hungry for success.I want something more.

Then, I wanted something beyond just existing, my energy to help expert monetize their God’s given potential and expertise was on high…

So, I decided to resign and afterward, I took immediate action on how to become an expert in my field.

There are a couple of things that I did for myself and my dynamic clients ever since then, which we are using to win together.

Though I have many of those things to discuss with you today time and space will not allow me to explain every one of them here.

But I will surely explain 8 most important step-by-step to follow that can position YOU as an expert and a person of influence and affluence in 2019 and beyond.

Step-by-step to become an expert in 2020

Determine what you want.

This will be your first step. Don’t ever play “Ten-Ten” with this.

Decision precedes can only have clarity on what you have decided on.

So, you must decide what you want and what you intend to achieve as an expert.

This will give you a clear understanding of every step you should take and how to take them.

Decide who you want to learn from and position yourself near them.

When I first decided on this journey, I did something different.

I took my pen with paper.I wrote ten names of experts that resonate with my expertise.

I analyzed how the strength of these people can affect my expertise positively.

And boom, I took my time to read every one of these people’s content and bought some of their materials.

Learn and Re-learn.

You will not get everything by following the role model alone, you will still need to buys books and other materials that can help you to sharpen your expertise.

If you are not ready to learn what will serve as a catalyst in the journey, you can continue bathing in confusion.

Great books will point to you how to go about something in such a way it will give YOU little or no stress to execute.

Figure out how to get in the door.

You have to know the secret that is making things happening in your field.

Don’t just do your own things blindly.

If you are unfit to create an effect that will bring results through you, you will become lesser to your colleagues and people and nobody will ever give you an accolade or respect your utterances.

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Be so good you can’t be ignored.

Normal is now archaic.

If you are waiting for any applause, you have to show the people beyond doubt why they will need to do that.

We have many good people already.

The only way to become better is to ensure that you remain relevant and be so good that you can’t be ignored.

Reach out to those you want help from, but don’t expect anything.

If you can leverage people that have proven blueprint with them, you are going to achieve greater heights in a less possible time.


The best way to become better is not by hoarding the information you have garnered over time, the best way to become good and better is by offloading all to the people and build others to become even better than yourself.

Give others all the credit for your success.

Always give credits to whom it is due.

Don’t allow your village people to make you assume that you did it all by yourself.

That is how it should be.

Let those people know that you appreciate their efforts all these while.

By that, they can help you the more and give you unexpected PR that will take your expertise to a whole new level.

These are amongst the many things that I would love to let you on how to build a profitable business around your expertise, information, and experiences.

I hope you can get value from this and hopefully, you will be able to run with the information provided here very soon?

Written by Abiola Erinfolami