Be Cautious When Drinking Canned Drinks

Be Cautious When Drinking Canned DrinksPhoto Credit:

Canned drinks are usually stored in warehouses and sometimes delivered direct to retail stores without cleaning. A study shows that the top of all beverage cans can be contaminated.

So no matter how thirsty you may be, always endeavor to clean it with water before putting to your mouth to avoid subjecting your health to “Leptospirosis” bacteria.

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Leptospirosis virus can be stuck on the tins from dried mice urine.

Some canned drinks stored in stores or warehouses are most often infected with mice urine that eventually dried.

Unknown to consumers they open and put their mouths on tin, especially road travellers.

It is highly recommended to rinse the top part on all cans thoroughly before drinking it or making use of straws, glasses and cups.

Prevention is better than cure!