Is Capital the Most Important When Planning to Start a Business

Is Capital the Most Important When Planning to Start a Business

Here is my answer to if capital the most important when planning to start a business? To me capital is very important when setting out to start a business, but its not the most important.

As far as starting any business is concerned Strong Desire comes first, I said strong desire because for anybody to ever be an entrepreneur he/she must have the strong desire to be one.

You must yearn to be a business owner just as a child yearns for the mother’s breast milk.

I remember when I was yearning to start making money back in 2003, I was a poor boy, not that my family is poor per se but I depend on what my dad or mum give to me those days.

Thus, I could not have most of the things my friends have, which I so much desired.

At times, I have to save for months to get stuffs like watches, video games etc.

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My dad being a principled man would never allow me to have some of the luxuries my colleagues back then had.

My strong desire to start making money lead me to start reading, thinking and searching for ways to materialize it.

I read many books, magazines, newspapers, articles on online business and offline business.

Your strong desire to own a business will lead you to make research on how to achieve your desire.

I remember after much research on online business, I started my first blog in 2004 which failed, then I had to join my dad in running his Agro-processing company, while I continue studying online business at my free time.

Later, I in 2005 my desire was rewarded, I stumbled into affiliate marketing and since then things began to change for me.

If you want to start a business today, you must develop that desire to run and own a business, then the rest will take its course.