Best Ways to Apply for Georgia Visa in Nigeria for Business or Visit

Best Ways to Apply for Georgia Visa in Nigeria for Business or Visit

Georgia is an interesting country with a lot of perks lurking in its warm embrace. The natives are a friendly lot and treat guests as gods. Georgia is in Europe and not in America contrary to the misconception with the state of Georgia in America.

Georgia is a country nestled between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It shares a border with Russia along the steep summits of the Caucasus Mountains.

When it comes to tourism, Georgia is in the frontlines especially for having the second-highest peak of any mountain in the world trailing behind Russia.

It’s also good for business with a boom town economy that can seamlessly blend with pleasure.

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Most people in Nigeria often visit Georgia for business or pleasure or for just visiting sake (visiting a loved one or a friend).

Whether you are visiting for the sake of it, for business or for pleasure since it’s a beautiful country with a thriving tourism sector, you will need a visa to gain entry and here’s how you can go about it.

Getting a Visa to Georgia (Tourism, Business or Visiting)

Best Ways to Apply for Georgia Visa in NigeriaWhichever category you fall into, the following will be required of you before you can be processed for entry into Georgia. They are;

  • Valid Nigerian Passport – up to 6months upfront
  • Photocopies of your Nigerian passport vividly displaying your application number, picture and profile pages

If you’ve gotten this already, you are one step ahead.

Getting a Georgian visa isn’t that much of a complicated process, at least relative to other European nations.

Now that your passport is ready, you can visit the Georgian embassy in Nigeria or its consular office if there’s one around to apply for either a tourist visa, a business visa or visitor’s visa.

The ministry of foreign affairs of Georgia has however simplified the process further by launching an e-Visa portal where you can just get either a tourist or business visa without having to sweat it out.

All you need do is to apply online for the visa, make payments online, obtain the application form online, fill it, submit and print out your e-Visa. It’s that simple and a no-brainer.

Right there at the comfort of your home, possibly under a duvet and with an internet connection, you can obtain a tourist or business visa to Georgia.

Needless visiting the embassy, having appointments or presenting original documents to a consular general or secretary.

You can as well download the visa application form online and print it out to fill manually before going to the embassy to submit If you are paranoid about the legitimacy of online applications.

Asides this, everything is done online and you will be required to scan your documents and upload them on the portal including your international passport.

If you are applying online, it takes just 5 working days for your visa to Georgia to be ready, offline can take anything from 2 to 15 working days to achieve.

Other documents you will be needing are:

Invitation letter from your sponsor in Georgia ( if you are applying for a visitor’s visa)

A letter from your Georgian employer if you are going for business or work purposes

Proof of accommodation

Your bank statement in the last 3 months

How to Make the Payment Online

The visa processing fee varies from tourist’s visa to business visa and to visitor’s visa.

It should also be noted that the payment is a non-refundable one.

You can make all payments online and on the Georgian e-Visa website using your visa card or MasterCard within 5 hours of receiving the mail notifying you to make the payments.

Failure to make payments within this stipulated window invalidates the entire process and you’ll have to try again.

While filing in your details via this portal for the Georgian visa in any category, a mail will be sent to the email address you provided in the application asking for your confirmation and also demanding that you make payment of the state duty for a visa which doubles as the processing fee.

The confirmation of your email should be done within an hour else the visa application will be canceled while the payment should be made within 5 hours else the application will also be canceled.

Other things to note about Georgia and its visa application process

Georgia VisaYour Georgian visa can be electronic just like the e-Visa that we mentioned and can also be manually stamped on your international passport.

Both are valid and you’ll need to present them wherever they are needed in the course of your traveling.

The places you are certainly going to display them are; the Nigerian airport you are traveling through and the first airport you land in the country of Georgia.

Most people can travel to Georgia without a visa if they meet the requirement for visa-free travel.

That’s hardly obtainable if you are in Nigeria.

If you have a valid U.S Passport, you need no visa to Georgia and you can stay up to 90 days in Georgia this way.

You can apply for an extension of a visa issuance while in Georgia if you feel you are having an incredible time and want to stay a little longer.

You’ll be given certain conditions that you will be required to meet for the extension.

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Since it’s a short term visa, an extension can be granted without many hassles.

If your application for visa issuance or visa extension is being denied, you reserve the right to appeal the decision.

If your current visa validity is terminated, you are also entitled to appeal the decision.

All these should be done within 10 business days from the date you became aware of the decision.

You will file the appeal and your relevant documents written in Georgian language or written in your own foreign language but translated in the Georgian language.

Applying for a Georgian visa is one of the easiest when it comes to European nations and you should have no issues with the process if you can follow these processes accordingly.

Overall, Georgia is a fine country and you will certainly enjoy your stay.