Why Bad News Dominates the Headlines Today

Why Bad News Dominates the Headlines Today

Do you want to know why bad news dominates the headlines today? The headlines today, both in print and online is cluttered with tragic stories of events happening around the world, stories of cold blood murders, corruption, suicide, natural disasters and it begs the question why?

This doesn’t mean that people hate the sight of fine things and landmark achievements, but the continuous flashing of bad news on the headlines of national dailies, television stations, and online Naija news media is a pointer to the fact that these news media organizations don’t just have a penchant for negative stories, it boils to one fact or two or even three.

These facts trigger the frequency of negative news on the headlines.

Let’s take a look at two of the most plausible causes why bad news dominates the headlines.

It Is What You Really Want To Read And Watch

Psychologically, it has been proven that people are naturally drawn to bad news more often than good news.

The experiment was performed at McGill University, one of Canada’s foremost universities and through the experiment, a theory turned into a fact that people are more attracted to negative news than their positive counterparts.

You can use yourself for that same experiment.

When you browse through the news article sites in your mobile or PC, rate the speed at which you click on negative stories like “Man rapes his two daughters, murders his own mom and then went ahead to rape his 70- year old mother-in-law to death before strangling her pet” and something like “Governor Dickson commissions two newly installed power plants in the state to boost electricity supply”.

Naturally and unconsciously you would just click on the first story which is why the media agencies would prefer to put the negative one on the headline rather the positive one.

Basically, bad news is more prevalent on the headlines because that’s what people like reading and they are only obliging or satiating their tastes.

It Tells Us How Bad The World is Deteriorating and Warns Us

When this crime news, gruesome murders, corruption cases and all sorts of sordid news clutter the headlines, it is emblematic of a larger problem.

It is indicative of the fact our shared human ecosystem is going rogue.

People are becoming frustrated and resorting to crime.

Heartbreaks are on the rise and suicide rates are getting alarming.

It literally shows how messed up the entire place is.

This news most times are geared towards warning the masses to be cautious and alert.

Robbery cases making the headlines are geared towards warning people to be very careful, rape cases call for the need to be well clad and never go out alone for girls.

The media is a tool for information and if you fail to utilize it, you end up misinformed.

Technically, the bad news is predominant on the headlines because, really, it’s what they lay their hands on mostly and they don’t have a choice but to share.

In summary, people are to drawn into crime scenes more than a graduation party and the world isn’t getting any safer.