ASUU To Replies FG Today As Members Reject Offer

ASUU To Replies FG Today As Members Reject Offer

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is set to present its reports today to the anthority because of the proposition made by the latter to the association on Monday a week ago.

National President of the association, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, who revealed this yesterday in a selective meeting with THISDAY, said the national administration took the central government’s offer to its individuals, who have rejected the proposal, demanding that they would not acknowledge tokenism.

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Ogunyemi, who questioned the unwillingness of the government to subscribe to a full tranche of the disbursement for revitalisation, which is N220 billion, and expand it for a time of 5 quarters so as to indicate obligation, said the suggestion of over N34 billion is small to be approved in comparison to N1.1 trillion.

While demanding that a time span for disbursement must be appended to advance accord being made by the central government with the association, the national president additionally said proof of disbursement should likewise be made, including that the sum total of what that have been done are just verbal talk.

He said, “Yes, we took the proposal to our members and we are preparing feedback reports and by tomorrow (today), the federal government will get the union’s response.”

“Our members said the amount is just too small and far from what was expected or envisaged. Our members are willing to shift grounds concerning the strike but they emphasised that they will not take tokenism.”

“Is what we are asking for too much? What we are asking for is not too much. Why can’t the government give us one tranche of the five outstanding tranches for revitalisation? Why can’t the government pay the sum of N220 billion in each quarter and spread it over a period of five quarters? Remember that the issue of the Earned Academic Allowance is there.”

“We are asking for a collaboration and confirmation of payment when it is done because evidence of payment is necessary. Government has been failing in its promises and so, we are calling for a timeline as regards payment. What we even have so far is a verbal statement as we are yet to see evidence of payment.”

On the matters of turning around its accord on the support of its individuals in the coming poll, Ogunyemi said there was no u-turn at all as individuals are allowed to participate in the arrangements.

He likewise, said that the association, in opposition to past plans, won’t have the capacity to endorsed its individuals to the electoral body but have allowed them to take an interest dependent on their own wisdom, as the association represents representative government & its beliefs.

“There was no u-turn to the agreement that members are free to participate in the general elections. What we said is that ASUU will not recommend people but members are free to participate. We will not be able to do for them what we were doing before.”

“We didn’t stop our members from working with INEC. They are free to do so but on their own decision and freewill. That means personal discretion will be applied. After all the strike is not against INEC, neither is it against democracy or against the country. We will do everything possible to support the elections.”

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While identifying with Nigerian undergraduates over the bad impacts of the strike, Ogunyemi uncovered that once the central government does what is anticipated from it, the strike will be canceled immediately.