APC knocks Abiola, Bode George over comment against Tinubu

APC knocks Abiola, Bode George over comment against Tinubu

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has knocked the son of Late MKO Abiola’s, Kola, and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Bode George over comment that its chieftain, Bola Tinubu begged the late Gen. Sani Abacha for the post of a commissioner in Lagos State.

The reaction was contained in statement made available to journalists by Joe Igbokwe, APC Publicity Secretary in Lagos.

“APC did not find the need to dignify a collapsed and a failed politician in Lagos or a little kid without sense of history with a response at a time like this, but we changed our mind because we do not want to allow lies to be told a thousand times so that some people will not believe it as the truth.”

“Now how can an elected Senator be asking for a mere appointment as Commissioner? Does it make sense to anybody who is privileged to be a sensible person?”

“In one breath the story tellers said Asiwaju asked for the post of a commissioner and in another they told us he wanted to be Deputy Sole Administrator Of Lagos. Now, do we have anything like Deputy Sole Administrator then? Was it in existence? Are they not liars from the pit of hell?”

“We do understand the reason why Chief Bode George always have this penchant to get at Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the drop of a hat and even when it is not necessary. The gap between Asiwaju BAT and Chief Bode George in terms of political sagacity, leadership, achievements, follower ship, capacity, acceptance, credibility etc is a huge one in favour of Asiwaju.”

“Asiwaju has been defeating and crushing Chief Bode George in every election in Lagos for 20 years and the world knows that George has been an unhappy man for 20 years. How can anyone in all honesty expect Chief Bode George to celebrate his potential political enemy?”

“Chief Bode George has found himself in a miserable political position in Nigeria in the past 20 years and everybody knows that Asiwaju kept him in that miserable situation and only a baby will think that he will be fair to Asiwaju in anything at all.”

“While it is possible for Chief Bode George to work so hard to get to Asiwaju’s level in the next 20 years it is difficult if not impossible to bring Asiwaju to Bode George’s pathetic Level in order to bridge the gap”

“Lagos APC thinks that it is high time Chief Bode George took time to reflect on his poor and unpleasant politics in Lagos and the South West in the past 20 years and try to amends his ways for the better.”

“An Igbo adage says when an old woman falls down two times on her way to the market she is bound to count what is remaining in her basket. Time has come for Chief Bode George to take stock and do a sober reflection on his political career,” the statement read in full.