APC Call Out PDP, Sokoto State Governor, Tambuwal

APC Call Out PDP, Sokoto State Governor, Tambuwal

The Sokoto State chapter of the All Progressives Congress on Tuesday called out the Governor of the state, Aminu Tambuwal against harassment of its members and supporters.

APC in the state accuse the state Governor of sponsoring thugs to carry out the dastardly act.

The party also stated that the PDP administration in the state owe the people of the state explanations on the alleged physical assault on civil servants and their replacements by touts.

“Anything in the contrary will only go to further confirm that the government is fully behind these dastardly actions and aiding and abetting them,”

Achida said, “Any silence would also confirm our apprehension and due concerns thus APC would be compelled to enforce the rights of its supporters.”

“We will not fold our arms and allow such flagrant and dastardly attacks, acts of aggression and intimidation. We will not, even for a second, hesitate in allowing our supporters to use any available means to lawfully defend themselves and enforce their fundamental human rights.”

“All Nigerians have equal rights and freedom of movement, right to live, right to practice one’s religion, meaningful socio- economic transactions, right to belong to any political party and array of other enforceable rights among others enjoyable by all Nigerians,”.

He further stated that despite the peace credentials by PDP, thugs go about intimidating people perceived to be APC supporters and claiming that they were cleansing them for integration into the society.

“It is apt and desirable for the PDP to either confirm its complicity in these atrocities or deny as well bring the obnoxious activities to a halt and take necessary steps to apprehend the perpetrators and charge them to court.”

“We are strongly calling on the state government and PDP to urgently call the perpetrators of these heinous attacks to order and doing otherwise is an imminent invitation to anarchy, which would not do anybody any good. A stitch in time saves nine.”