Has Amaechi Played Sen. Abe & Denied Him & Rivers APC Open & Credible Primaries For 2019 Governorship Race???

Has Amaechi Played Sen. Abe & Denied Him & Rivers APC Open & Credible Primaries For 2019 Governorship Race???

My Brother Ambrose Kii and others. How are you and family doing? On my end I dey small small oooooo!

Now listen. It behooves me to bring to your doorsteps the fact that I’ve been reading and hearing stories concerning Rivers State APC governorship nomination or prospective candidates and primaries.

Could you therefore help me on our dear Brother, Sen. Magnus Abe; what is the situation with him and his party, APC?

I am told Amaechi played him out of the Rivers State governorship primaries or out-rightly opposed, worked against and denied him long sought ticket on the platform of APC even though he helped to build the state chapter of the party and particularly defended and supported, protected Amaechi who now fight him.

Also, I read in the news Online that he (Abe) might be holding or have held a parallel primary—not sure how this will work.

I remember, however, that when Amaechi chose Mr. Dakuku Peterside over Abe in 2015 governorship election for APC, I asked if Abe was in the audience or room where it’s said the imposition of Dakuku was accepted by him.

I was told then that he’s present; that it’s agreed he will have the 2019 shot. Consequently, I quickly raised alarm saying he should have demanded open and free, fair primaries instead of conceding and accepting to take a turn in 2019 that was four years away and no one know what might happen before then.

The shit I prophesied seems to have happened. Therefore, help educate me, brother Kii especially, others like you who have been super confident about Ogoni chance for Rivers State governor that I believe has been long overdue.

You’ve been serious and all out about Abe’s chance to take charge of the brick house for fairness to Ogonis who haven’t been governor since the state they worked hard to help make real was created.

I’ve said it repeatedly that Ogonis, especially the politicians don’t understand how power they don’t currently have and division have been their political and development enemy.

I’ve decried how the politicians of today’s Ogoni tend to be easily deceived in the name of party and loyalty; how even their own aides or party supporters who are from other ethnic groups in the state can turn to subsequently become their bosses.

Why? because they take almost everything on face value and seems not to understand political operations—that all politics is local hence the need to make peace at home or local level and unite to fight for the common or greater good of Ogoni.

Hmmmm, a house divided against itself can’t stand, they say.
I wonder if they will learn anytime soon!

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from Ogonis and others.


Ben Ikari