5 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date – Classic Bad Date Escapes!

5 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date – Classic Bad Date Escapes!

Want to get out of a bad date, but don’t know how? It’s a tricky situation to be caught in, but there are ways around the dilemma.

Let’s face it, while it’d be wonderful if every date could be a good date that’s rarely the case.

Every once in a while you will date someone and you know it just isn’t going to work out.

Maybe they’re 20 years older than you thought they were.

Maybe they’re rude.

Perhaps, there’s just no chemistry or attraction.

Regardless of the reason for the bad date, you don’t have to endure hours of pointless torture.

You can escape a bad date.

But, be prepared, it may take a bit of creativity, amateur acting or a little fudging of the truth!

Here are 5 good (believable) excuses to get out of a (bad) date!

The “Honesty” Approach

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “Honesty’s the best policy”.

Well, if you’re just not feeling it, and there’s a chance you may see this person again through friends or work, consider being honest.

Be kind, but assertive, and simply let your date know that it’s not a match.

Most people will appreciate being told upfront.

It’s better to tell them you’re not interested in the relationship going any further.

Wasting their time and money on a date, that’s simply going nowhere, would be cruel.

The Fake “Emergency” Call

For this strategy to escape a bad date to work, you must plan ahead.

Arrange for a friend to call you with an “emergency” of some sort.

The easiest way to do this is to get them to call at a pre-set time, or to have a code.

For example, if the date isn’t going well, you can text your friend with the code, and they can call you five minutes later with the made up emergency.

This is one of the most common ways to escape a bad date so don’t be surprised if your date doesn’t believe you!

Pretend to be Sick

Number 3 in the list of ‘all-time classics for getting out of a bad date’ is to fake an illness.

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Migraines don’t exhibit any real external symptoms, and can be easy to fake.

You can also simply say that you have a stomach ache, which is very hard to disprove.

However, once again, because these tactics have been so well used, don’t be surprised if your date doesn’t buy into them!

The Ruined Clothing Trick

This reliable getting out of a bad date trick is probably more suited to females.

Sorry guys! But, then again, there’s no reason why males couldn’t have it in their arsenal, especially if they’re desperately seeking an escape route!

If you want to get out of the date, and you really don’t want your date to be suspicious, you might try the old “coffee on the clothing” approach.

“Accidentally” spill something on your clothing that requires you to go home immediately to treat the fabric.

Just make sure you’re not ruining a $1000 outfit just to escape a bad date!


Finally, if you need to get out of a date, and you’re not sure how to make the announcement, try ‘forgetting’ something that’s important. (Proviso! – it has to be important enough to warrant you leaving immediately.)

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For example, you might have forgotten to turn off the stove, pick up your boss from the airport, or let your dog back inside.

The only drawback with this excuse for getting out of the date, is that your date may insist on accompanying you to fix the problem.

So, use this tactic with a bit of caution.

As was mentioned at the beginning, most of these tactics to get out of a bad date require a bit of acting.

If acting, or stretching the truth, isn’t your thing, then honesty may be your best policy.

You just never know when you may bump into your “bad date” in the future!

(** N.B. How about sharing your “get out of a bad date” strategies? I’m sure some of you have slicker ways of extracting yourselves from awkward dates. Just hit the comment button, and fire away!)