5 Useful Items to Help You Survive the Heat

5 Useful Items to Help You Survive the Heat

Everyone in Nigeria is a witness to how hot the weather has been lately. The sun has been unbearably fierce and even when the sun goes down in the evening, the heat stays.

You might not be able to change the weather but you certainly can change the effect it has on you.

Here are 5 useful items to help you survive the heat.

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Rechargeable Fan

Rechargeable fans are life savers especially for this weather.

The best part is even when power goes out, you can still enjoy your fan.

It is a necessity for the current conditions we find ourselves in.


Did you know that sunglasses could save you from facial wrinkles?

When the sun is fierce, it causes you to squint which could creases and wrinkles.

To avoid this, you’ll need sunglasses to shade your eyes from the not so friendly sun.


Don’t overlook the possible effect of the sun on your skin.

Beyond darkening your complexion, there are also other skin problems that could arise from excess exposure to the sun.

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin called elastin.

Protecting your skin with sunscreen will help protect it from possible damage.

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Hats could really be a good protection from the sun.

Apart from also being stylish, they are very functional in shading from the sun; especially those with wide fringes.

You should invest in one.

Short Hair Weaves

Ladies, this is the time to put aside those long weaves and try something short and practical.

The weather is too hot to have any hairy material sticking to your skin.

Plus you’ll spend less on short hairstyles.

Make the change and thank me later.

Let’s know what you thing about our 5 useful items to help you survive the heat post below!