5 Things People Won’t Like You For in Nigeria by Kola Oyeneyin

5 Things People Won’t Like You For in Nigeria by Kola Oyeneyin

Many of you have possibly seen this video. If you were near here and you challenge why they would put a car like this on the road and risk the lives of the passengers, you’re likely going to get in trouble.

The reason is simple, there are some things that are bound to get people to not like you very much around here.

I’ve come to know these 5, firsthand:

1. Reject mediocrity; in Nigeria, people “MILT” (manage it like that).

When something is not working the way it should, we don’t do anything about it as long as it is working “small small”.

The day you ask it is not working properly, you hear please manage it like that.

We even manage our governments like that.

2. Think different; we’re generally a nation where it is largely acceptable for 180 million people to be heading in the same direction and everyone will be fine with everyone.

However, the day one person brings a different way of thinking, the majority brand him or her “I2K”.

This started from Secondary and it will continue all through your life.

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3. Asking Questions; Nigeria is the one place I find that asking your doctor or nurse questions is considered an offense.

Asking your boss or leader questions means you don’t submit to authority.

Asking questions is one way of finding answers to things we don’t understand.

We’re not trying to disrespect your lordships, we just want to understand.

4. Be Intelligent; you’re better off having pedestrian conversations many times.

Because the moment you come across as too intellectual, you’d usually be deemed as arrogant.

So just act stupid and you won’t rob anyone off the wrong way.

5. Demand for Service; I mean how dare you? Who are you to demand for the service you’re paying for? Are you the only one paying? If other people are not demanding, what gives you the right?

Ok, customer service people won’t tell you that but they’re thinking it.

After all they’re doing you a favour by providing the service, otherwise you’d be suffering without it.

Keep you money if you don’t want, don’t trouble them by asking for explanation.

If you stay away from these and a few others, you will have many friends and acquaintances.

Forget government, we as a people need to change!!!


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    Emeodi Enyi 2 years

    Wow, I love this write up my secret Mentor. I guess it is not secret anymore. As we continue to demand a better government, we should realize that change begins with us. Thank you for reminding us.

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    Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe 2 years

    Na WA o. The height of nonsense. We can’t give up on this country and allow all these many evils to continue.