Top 10 Self-Defence Tips For Women

Top 10 Self-Defence Tips For WomenPhoto Credit: Star Concepts

Here’s Top 10 Self-Defence Tips For Women – If someone attacks you – do you know how to defend yourself… read our handy tips for women on self-defence below.

  1. The first rule of self defence is: keep your hands up and protect your face area.
  2. If you are attacked, there are 3 vital responses- fight back hard, scream loudly, and look for a weapon.
  3. Use your natural weapons to fight with- palms, fingernails, elbows, knees and feet. Don’t punch!
  4. Remember the vital striking targets to hit- eyes, ears, throat, nose, groin, and shins.
  5. If you fight back against an attacker, keep striking until he runs or falls down.
  6. If you are threatened with a knife or gun, do not fight unless your life is in grave danger.
  7. Remember that your hips and legs are proportionately as strong as a man’s- learn to kick hard.
  8. Never turn your back on an attacker, even if you are being assaulted – you can only fight back if you are facing him.
  9. If an attempt is made to kidnap you, do not get into a car or car boot- rather fight back.
  10. Be aware of improvised weapons- car keys, shoes, cellphone, magazines, tin cans, pens etc.