[Advice Needed] How Do I Quit Having s*x With This Married Woman?

man and woman in bed
Written by John Diginee

[Advice Needed] How Do I Quit Having s*x With This Married Woman?

man and woman in bedDear Tee,
My name is James. There is this married woman in my neighbourhood that I have been making love with for some months now. I am feeling guilty right now because she led me into this and I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to stop having s*x with her! I want to quit from this, but she still comes to me. What do I do?


Hello James,
I appreciate the fact that you know this attitude of yours is totally wrong! Having s*x with a woman who is married is not just it! I think you should be strict with your decision to desist from messing with her. You have to inform her of your decision, tell her that what you two are doing is very wrong and you hereby put a FULL STOP to it. Advise her to settle ant issue she might be having with her husband and in her marriage, rather than jumping around. Let her know this action might have a repercussion on your future, therefore she should just respect your decision and herself now. Do not open the door for her whenever she comes around, FLEE!!!!! Turn her down completely. By the time she sees that your mind is really made up, she’s got no choice than to let you be. Be frank with your decision to stay away from her, bro.
Wish you well,

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